• What are common misconceptions about PPPs?
    PPP is not a transfer of government obligations in providing services, but is private investment in infrastructure projects.
    Private investment is not a free contribution to the government in public services.
    PPP is not the privatization of public goods.
    PPP is not a source of government income that will burden the public in providing public services.
    PPP is not a government loan (debt) to the private sector.
  • Who are the parties using the PPP?
    The Person in Charge of the Cooperation Project, hereinafter abbreviated as PJPK, is the Minister/Head of Institution/Regional Head, or Director of BUMN/D as the provider or organizer of infrastructure based on statutory regulations.
    Business Entities are State-Owned Enterprises, Regional-Owned Enterprises, private business entities in the form of Limited Liability Companies, foreign legal entities, or cooperatives.
  • When can Business Entities start receiving investment returns?
    Business Entities can start receiving investment returns after the commercial operation date (COD). Technical provisions/requirements related to this matter can be included in the cooperation agreement.
  • On which projects can PPP be applied?
    PPP can be applied to all projects, whether under regional authority, a combination of several regions (regional), or national.

• How is PPP different from Procurement of Goods/Services and Privatization in infrastructure provision?