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What is meant by PPP Joint Office?
The PPP Joint Office (hereinafter referred to as the Joint Office) is a coordination forum between Ministries/Agencies in the framework of synergy for the implementation of the PPP in accordance with the duties, functions and authorities of each Ministry/Agency. The ministries/institutions in question are:

Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs;
Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment;
Ministry of Internal Affairs;
Ministry of Finance;
Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas (as Joint Office Secretariat);
Ministry of Investment/Investment Coordinating Board; And
Government Goods and Services Procurement Policy Institute/LKPP.

Furthermore, PT Pll (Persero) as the SMV of the Ministry of Finance which operates in the infrastructure guarantee sector is actively involved in carrying out its daily duties and the secretariat of the PPP Joint Office is currently located at the PT Pll (Persero) Office.

What is the background to the formation of the Joint Office?
The implementation of the PPP involves various stakeholders, especially regulators which include the authority, duties and functions of several government agencies. The authority, duties and functions of various interrelated agencies in the PPP require synergy to realize comprehensive PPP implementation and answer the needs of stakeholders. For this reason, since 2017 there has been an agreement from Echelon 1 Ministries/Institutions to synergize in implementing the PPP scheme. The Ministries/Institutions involved are the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas, BKPM and LKPP.

Then at the Plenary Cabinet Session on 14 November 2019, the President of the Republic of Indonesia gave directions that synergy is needed in the implementation of duties, functions and authorities between Ministries/Institutions in order to accelerate the implementation of the PPP scheme provision. This is confirmed by Presidential Regulation Number 18 of 2020 concerning the 2024 National Medium Term Development Plan, that the Government is committed to continuing to increase the utilization of the PPP scheme by strengthening several aspects, including the role of the Joint Office in it. As of September 18 2020, the Joint Office was realized with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on the Synergy of Ministries/Agencies in the Context of Implementing Infrastructure Provision using the Government/Regional Government Cooperation Scheme with Business Entities through a Joint Office between Ministers/Heads of Institutions by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, the Coordinating Minister Maritime and Investment Sector, Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Finance, Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas, Head of the Investment Coordinating Board, and Head of the Government Goods and Services Procurement Policy Institute/LKPP.

What is the purpose of establishing a PPP Joint Office?
The PPP Joint Office was formed as a manifestation of Government synergy in order to achieve the target of providing national and regional infrastructure through the PPP scheme. The PPP Joint Office is expected to become a front office in connecting private financing with infrastructure development needs in Indonesia. Apart from that, the PPP Joint Office is also a center for information related to PPP/KPDBU (Regional Government Cooperation with Business Entities) which is integrated, accessible and utilized by all stakeholders.

What are the roles of each member of the Joint Office?
The PPP Joint Office plays the role of a front office that connects Private Financing with the Government. In general, the Joint Office has the following roles:

  1. Become a coordination forum for PPP/KPDBU stakeholders;
  2. Become a front office for the Government to serve business entities in obtaining information and knowledge related to PPP/KPDBU schemes;
  3. Recommend plans for breaking down obstacles in the implementation of PPP/KPDBU to related parties;
  4. Submit proposals for harmonization of PPP/KPDBU implementation policies to related parties;
  5. Monitor the implementation of policies regarding the implementation and achievement of PPP/KPDBU in central and regional government development planning and budgeting documents;
  6. Carry out synergy in providing Government support and facilities for projects using the PPP/KPDBU scheme in a sustainable and integrated manner;
  7. Recommend the preparation of guidelines and guidance required in implementing PPP/KPDBU projects in accordance with the duties, functions and authority of the Joint Office members;
  8. Carry out effective management and communication between PPP/KPDBU stakeholders including exchanging data and information to strengthen data integration; And
  9. Become an integrated PPP/KPDBU information center, accessible and utilized by business entities and all PPP/KPDBU stakeholders.

The roles of each member of the Joint Office are described as follows:

  1. The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs has the task of explaining obstacles related to policy and regulatory issues, financing schemes, and utilization of infrastructure built through the PPP/KPDBU scheme.
  2. The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment has the task of outlining policy or regulatory obstacles and policy implementation in the maritime and investment sector in implementing infrastructure projects that will use the PPP/KPDBU scheme.
  3. The Ministry of Home Affairs has the task of facilitating regional planning, regional development budgeting, assisting in the implementation of KPDBU including providing considerations for the implementation of KPDBU and facilitating coordination between Regional Heads and DPRD regarding the implementation of KPDBU.
  4. The Ministry of Finance has the task of providing fiscal support in accordance with statutory regulations, in the form of:
    a. project preparation facilities and transaction assistance;
    b. feasibility support;
    c. infrastructure guarantee;
    d. other fiscal support;
    e. and proposals related to the funding structure and financing of PPP/KPDBU projects.
  5. The Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas has the task of formulating policies, identification, planning and facilitating assistance in preparing PPP/KPDBU.
  6. The Ministry of Investment/BKPM has the task of packaging information, identifying potential investors, promoting projects that will use the PPP/KPDBU scheme, and overseeing the implementation of investment projects that will use the PPP/KPDBU scheme.
  7. The Government Procurement of Goods and Services Policy Institute/LKPP has the task of formulating policies and providing assistance in the procurement process for business entities in PPP/KPDBU projects including the procurement of preparatory bodies.

What services does the Joint Office provide to PPP Actors?
The Joint Office has a role as a front office for the Government which can be accessed by all PPP Actors, including GCA and business entities, to obtain information and knowledge related to PPP. PPP actors can submit requests for information relating to the implementation of PPPs in Indonesia, such as regarding project status or explanations regarding other PPP regulations. This is expected to facilitate the flow of PPP information from the Government to the relevant PPP Actors.

PPP actors can also request assistance for consultations, hearings, outreach and capacity building related to PPP implementation from the Joint Office. It is hoped that PPP actors do not need to consult with Government agencies separately but can do so in an integrated manner through the Joint Office. This process is also intended to ensure the accuracy and uniformity of information submitted to information applicants so as not to cause confusion among PPP actors.

Apart from requests from PPP Actors, the Joint Office also actively organizes dissemination regarding PPP schemes, both to potential PJPKs, as well as to areas where there are not many PPP projects to increase the understanding of PPP Actors in implementing PPP processes so as to create a conducive environment for project sustainability. . In addition, as an effort to disseminate more comprehensive information, the PPP Joint Office publishes a weekly newsletter containing PPP project developments and knowledge sharing regarding the PPP scheme. The newsletter can be downloaded here.

How do I request information/coordination with the PPP Joint Office?
Each PPP actor can coordinate with the Joint Office through a written request for coordination outlining the facilitation needs submitted to the Joint Office Secretariat, namely:

Directorate of Development Funding, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas
Email: ppp@bappenas.go.id
Tel: ‎+62 21 50927403



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